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The Benefits of Meditation for Busy Workers

How often do you meditate? Occasionally? Never? Not even sure how to? Whatever your answer, it doesn’t matter. You’re here now!

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Why You Should Make Random Acts of Kindness the Norm

So, what exactly does being kind have to do with improving your wellbeing?

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How to Use ‘Time to Talk Day’ to Help Your Teams

Mental health doesn’t only affect people one day a year. Awareness days have a crucial role to play in doing precisely what they say on the tin: building awareness and starting the conversation.

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How to Help Your People Avoid Burnout (and Why You Really Should)

Burnout is bad for business; there’s no two ways about it – which is why savvy employers like you are always looking for ways to help your people keep burnout at bay.

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Why Goal Setting is Great for Boosting Wellbeing

How does setting personal goals help create clarity of purpose and drive performance and wellbeing?

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