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Digital wellbeing for businesses

GoVida provides a powerful range of tools and support to promote
positive wellbeing behaviours leading to a happier, healthier and
more engaged workforce.

Heart icon to represent GoVida the employee wellbeing platform supporting the physical and mental health needs of a diverse workforce

Support the wellbeing needs of a diverse and distributed workforce

Start icon to represent GoVida the employee wellbeing platform helping ingrain employee wellness into the company culture

Ingrain wellbeing into your company culture

High 5 icon to represent how GoVida the employee wellbeing platform helps ignite the employee experience

Enhance your employee
experience, connecting
your people

Line Graph icon to represent how GoVida the employee wellbeing platform provides organisations data on the wellbeing of their team enabling them to build a winning wellness stratgey

Provide real time data allowing you to build wellness strategies that work

Screen shots from GoVida the employee wellbeing app. These screens show the Sleep Better series and a Team Challenge screenshot

GoVida digitises and powers
your wellness strategy

To drive company-wide adoption, our platform features are underpinned by 7 vital ingredients and puts ‘being human’ at its core.

Our flexible solution understands that your colleagues all have different needs and preferences and through the content in our Mind Suite, personalised tracking, motivational challenges, charity fundraising and incentivised rewards – GoVida encourages your people to build regular and effective wellness habits.

GoVida is trusted by

NHS Logo a client of GoVida the employee wellbeing platform
e-Zest logo a client of GoVida the employee wellbeing platform
BDO logo a client of GoVida the employee wellbeing platform Logo a client of GoVida the employee wellbeing platform

Harnessing the power of analytics

What are the wellbeing challenges in your organisation? How do you measure improvement? How are your people feeling?

GoVida’s admin portal with analytics dashboard provides you with aggregated real-time data to answer these questions enabling you to:

  • Capture the team’s mood and energy levels
  • View trends over time by department
  • Build a targeted wellbeing strategy based on real data
  • Promote and measure the impact of your initiatives
Screenshot of Admin portal and in app insight screen from GoVida the employee wellbeing platform
Image of people smiling representing the easy stress free implementation of GoVida

Stress free implementation

Create a sustained positive wellbeing culture within your team and business.

With market leading adoption rates of 70%+ GoVida leads the way in delivering an employee wellbeing impact.

  • Launch GoVida into your organisation and capture the attention of your team with your positive wellbeing vision and values.
  • The GoVida platform is configured in-line with your wellbeing strategy.
  • Easy to access – your colleagues download the GoVida app via Apple and Google Play stores.
Mark Schweiger

GoVida is a great platform. It is very popular with our team and provides us with a fantastic way to support their wellbeing.

Mark Schweiger – Joint Managing Director Character World

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