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Whatever your goals, we can build – and theme – a wellness challenge that your people can undertake individually, or as a team. And it doesn’t have to be physical! It can be mental, educational or social too; or even a combination of the lot. 

Types of Challenges

Wellbeing challenges bring colleagues together across teams, departments and locations. Choose from our library of challenges or we can build you a completely bespoke challenge experience.

  1. Pre-set company challenges – Choose from a library of original company team wellbeing challenges
  2. Bespoke company challenge – Lets work together to create a truly unique challenge experience oriented to your company objectives
Screenshot from the GoVida employee wellness app of the London Landmark Challenge


Take your company on an adventure and bring the whole team together. Whether its doing a virtual tour of all your company sites or bringing all your distributed teams cultural differences into the spot light, adventure challenges get everyone involved. 

Education & Awareness

Build your company challenge around education and wellness. Include topics that are part of your organisation core values or goals and objectives and engage the team company wide.

Screenshot of Mental Health Challenge in GoVida the employee wellbeing platform
Screenshot of Self Improvement Challenge in GoVida the employee wellbeing platform

Personal Development

Personal development challenges link wellbeing and personal growth. Challenges can include brain teasers and puzzles to as well as incorporating your own learning and development.

Company Events

Embed wellbeing into your company culture and create excitement by running a challenge aligned to a company event.

Screenshot of Cultural Buzz Challenge in GoVida the employee wellbeing platform

Diversity & Inclusion

Create a spirit of belonging around a unifying culture. Run a challenge celebrating and increasing awareness of your team’s e.g. unlocking a factfile or bio of colleagues in different regions and departments.


Drive your CSR and build a challenge around a specific good cause close to your organisation’s heart.

Screenshot of tree planting in GoVida the employee wellbeing app

Challenge Pricing

Challenges Pricing (Pre-set)

  • One time program or event 
  • Select from a library of pre set challenges
  • Flexible start dates and duration

Challenge Pricing (Bespoke)

  • One time program or event 
  • Bespoke challenge creation with dedicated team and onboarding
  • Flexible start dates and duration

Want to inspire your teams’ wellbeing with GoVida?

Talk to us about how we can help you get proactive, hollistic and engaging with your wellbeing strategy.