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GoVida Primary

Our entry level package. Ideal for smaller companies or individual teams.


GoVida Premium

Our mid-level and most popular package. Perfect for mid-sized businesses or separate offices.

GoVida Platinum

Our most comprehensive package. Best suited to larger and enterprise businesses.

Native iOS & Android Apps
App integrations (Fitbit, Garmin, Strava etc)
GoVida+ (on-demand)
Gamification & Leaderboards
Individual & Team Challenges
Mood & Energy Tracker
Reward & Recognition
Charity Campaigns
Custom Team Challenges
GoVida+ (customised / add your own content)

Admin Features

Admin Portal / Analytics Dashboard
HR & Wellbeing Support Services Integration (e.g. EAP, PMI, etc)
Organisation Structure Configuration
Wellbeing Newsletter & Push Notifications
Automated Gift Card Reward Fulfillment
Create Wellbeing Events
Customised Newsletter & Push Notifications
Enhanced Password Protection
Enterprise Security Access (SSO, Eligibility Verification)
API Access for Analytics (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau etc)


Dedicated Customer Success Manager
GoVida Implementation Support£1,000£3,000POA
Technical / User Support


Customised Reward Integration

Take the Challenge

GoVida’s team challenges encourage mental, physical and social wellbeing with colleagues teaming up in healthy competition to achieve a shared goal. Contact us to find out more.

“I have to say that the level of engagement has been incredible from all of the colleagues who have downloaded and used the app. Feedback is positive and that helps me justify the investment.”

Verified Reviewer
Head of HR

Pricing FAQs

If we sign up for a one-off challenge can we upgrade to the annual subscription?

Yes, this may be a good entry point for you and we can easily upgrade your account inline with your requirements.

Does the annual plan require upfront payment or can I pay monthly?

We have flexible payment options depending on the size of your team and the term of the agreement.

How long is the standard contract term?

The minimum term for our subscription model is 12 months.

Do you offer discounts for multi-year agreements?

We offer preferential annual rates for multi-year agreements.

What is the minimum number of employees eligible to launch the GoVida wellness platform?

We partner with companies of all sizes and have no minimum or maximum number.

How does on-boarding work?

Our customer success team will accompany you through the onboarding process to make it as seamless as possible and advise you in advance of what we require to set your platform up and deploy the system across your company.

Do you provide user / technical support?

We offer a full support mechanism via our support hub, your dedicated account manager, and via email, phone, and chat.

I want GoVida for my team. How do we get started?

To get started contact us today via Talk to Us form or email direct and a member of our Wellness team will guide you through the process.

Want to inspire your teams’ wellbeing with GoVida?

Talk to us about how we can help you get proactive, holistic and engaging with your wellbeing strategy.