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GoVida for global accountancy firm

BDO, a global accountancy firm selected GoVida to power their wellness strategy. BDO were seeking to drive positive wellness behaviors and create a dynamic working culture within a rapidly growing team.

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What our clients say

Find out what our clients have to say about GoVida.

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GoVida for NHS, UK

Learn how a primary care service within the UK’s National Health Service selected GoVida to help support colleague mental health during Covid-19 and beyond.

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GoVida for fast growing businesses

GoVida was launched in a fast growing marketing agency with a mission to implement practices that would feed the sustainability of an employee’s career.

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GoVida for University Staff

Following the launch of GoVida, a 40% increase in mindfulness practices was reported amongst colleagues at an international university.

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GoVida for University Students

GoVida was rolled out across a university student population with a 44% reduction in student stress levels reported

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GoVida for financial services and wealth management firm

Read how we delivered a wellbeing improvement in 64% of Meritas’s employees

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