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The Brief

LCC International University is a community that brings together staff, faculty, and students coming from more than 60 different countries: Lithuania, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Australia, Moldova and many more! No culture or nationality is predominant at LCC with 70% of students and instructors coming from outside of Lithuania. The wellbeing vision at LCC is to create a positive working environment and a way of working where our people can thrive, be happy and bring their best self to work each day. We set in place wellbeing programs and strategies which help our employees feel engaged and productive and at the same time encourage them to be role models to our students. 

What we did

GoVida came to LCC in 2019. At the time it was one of our institutional goals to improve employee wellness. With GoVida, we saw a potential for inclusivity and availability, and we took that opportunity in order to:

  • Have an easy and accessible way to develop healthy habits for our employees;
  • Make wellness accessible for everyone, including remote employees;
  • Have an easy and quantitative way to measure wellness initiatives and results;
  • Include not only physical but also mental wellbeing into our wellness program.

Additionally, at the time that Covid struck, the LCC community was separated and GoVida’s platform and wellness challenges proved to be a connector in the time that needed it most.

 The outcome

  • 43% of application users report a need to continually increase daily physical activity
  • 24% of employees surveyed reported increased physical activity as a result of using GoVida
  • 67% of employees surveyed reported more walking as a result of partaking in a wellness challenge
  • 40% of employees surveyed reported practicing more mindfulness than they did before partaking in the wellness challenge

The GoVida difference

GoVida has brought Wellness at LCC to a new level. The program takes a balanced approach to various wellness levels, such as, mental and physiological, which is an important factor for leading a balanced life. The application and the team behind it have helped wellness become an accessible and integral part of LCC’s internal wellbeing program and it has done that through various wellness events and remarkable customer support. The GoVida team has always been flexible, responsive, and proactive in solving any problems that came our way.

“Physical exercise is important for my physical and mental wellbeing, so I try to stay active and be outdoors if I can. As a university professor, it’s easy to spend a lot of time sitting indoors, staring a computer screen. The GoVida app has been great in prompting me to get outside and go for a walk, especially when our university is organizing a “challenge” in which we’re counting our steps. We live about 5 km from our university, so I bike to work much of the time. The GoVida app has prompted me to walk a lot more than I used to, and my wife and I enjoy walking together and discussing the day.”

Verified Reviewer
Joseph Harder, Ph.D., Professor of Theology (USA)

“Last year, during the second lockdown, it was very easy to lose the motivation to get out and about. Going to the shops is one thing but translating that into proper exercise was another matter. Working from home, teaching online and cold weather made hibernation a good option! When the GoVida challenge came along (coinciding with Lent and spring) it gave me the motivation to put the trainers back on and hit the road. Not only did it get me moving again, it gave me the opportunity to explore Klaipeda! It was encouraging to keep an eye to fellow walkers, and some friendly rivalry was part of the fun! I regained the habit of consistent exercise; maybe another challenge will sharpen the focus before the winter hits!”

Verified Reviewer
Shane Crombie, Professor of Communication (Ireland)

“The most attractive feature of GoVida for me was team challenges. My teammates were keeping each other accountable for making sure to hit the daily minimum of steps. I am a very self-motivated person, but the app allowed me to feel connected and work together with my colleagues on common goals outside of work. It also was a lot of fun and not something we had to do but wanted to do it!”

Verified Reviewer
Margarita Pavlovic, Student Life VP (Lithuania)

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