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GoVida applies goal-setting principles to inspire positive wellbeing. Our gamification is designed to be inclusive with users earning points from their physical, mental and personal development activities.

  • Activity Tracking 
  • Check-in at your favourite wellbeing venues like gyms or yoga studios
  • Earn points from your daily steps and physical activity sessions
  • Earn points from attending an art class, learning a foreign language or relaxing with a pre-sleep meditation
Screenshots of the activity tracking section for GoVida the employee wellness platform
Track Wellness Activities and Check-In at Wellbeing Venues
Screenshots from GoVida+ in the GoVida app the employee wellness platform
Screenshots from GoVida+ in the GoVida app the employee wellness platform
GoVida+ Wellness Content
Les Mills
Les Mills – GoVida

Learning & Education

GoVida+ delivers high quality wellbeing and personal development content in video, audio and interactive formats.

Users have access to extensive libraries of wellness programs. Includes: tools and information to support wellbeing with content from therapists, coaches and psychologists in areas ranging from mindfulness and meditation to emotional intelligence and resilience, nutrition, exercise and sleep.

GoVida recently partnered with Les Mills to deliver their science powered wellness content to users.

Intro to Emotional Intelligence
Building Resilience – Making Mistakes


Wellbeing is a great medium for connecting people and GoVida brings colleagues together from different parts of an organisation building meaningful relationships, enhancing collaboration and helping to create an authentic wellbeing culture.

GoVida provides an engaging communication channels to drive and create a positive wellness culture.

  • Promote Internal Wellness Events – colleagues earn points for participation
  • User Newsletters – to promote specific wellness themes
  • Colleague Stories – inspiring colleague wellbeing journeys
  • Wellbeing Blogs – educational and themed around relevant wellness topics
  • Weekly User Reports – check and track your own progress 

Screenshot of the newsletter sent out via GoVida the employee wellness platform
Wellness Newsletters
Screenshots of two examples for wellness challenges that can be undertaken for GoVida the employee wellness platform
GoVida Team Challenges

GoVida Team Challenges

GoVida’s team challenges encourage mental, physical and social wellbeing with colleagues teaming up in healthy competition to achieve a shared goal. Take the Challenge to find out more.

Reward & Recognition

GoVida provides organisations with rewards and discounts from our extensive catalogue of global brands. Rewards are configured to suit client requirements and branded with your company logo.

  • Automated gift card fulfilment
  • Discounts on courses and self-development
  • Add your own company discounts and incentives
  • Reward your teams
Incentivise with Rewards
Screenshots of two examples for wellness challenges that can be undertaken for GoVida the employee wellness platform
GoVida Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

GoVida enables organisations to combine their CSR / Sustainability and Wellbeing strategies.

GoVida has helped its clients to support charities all over the world through the volunteering and wellbeing activities of their teams.

Providing users with a “Higher Purpose acts as a significant “Pull factor in driving adoption and proactive wellbeing engagement.

  • CSR drives wellbeing engagement
  • Promote CSR volunteering days
  • Support foundations / charities
  • Unify organisational values
  • Everyone contributes
  • Make a positive impact

Data and Analytics

The GoVida Admin Portal has been developed for business enabling them to integrate all their wellness initiatives under a single unified platform.

GoVida’s Analytics Dashboard provides real-time aggregated insights into the wellbeing of your organisation.

  • Embed existing wellness support (EAPs, PMI, etc)
  • Provide aggregated wellbeing insights
  • View trends by department / geography / demographic
  • Build targeted wellbeing strategy
  • Measure impact of initiatives
In app and admin portal screen showing how GoVida provides data on the wellbeing of an organisations workforce
GoVida Admin Portal and Dashboard

Want to inspire your teams’ wellbeing with GoVida?

Talk to us about how we can help you get proactive, holistic and engaging with your wellbeing strategy.