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Activity Tracking

GoVida directly integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, Garmin and Fitbit, and users can track their daily steps and physical activity automatically through our app.

Our steps aggregator provides users the freedom and flexibility to track their activities from multiple sources at the same time.

Track all physical activities from checking at wellbeing venues like gyms or yoga studios to exercising at home or outdoors.

The GoVida employee wellbeing platform showing integrations with Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava, Garmin and Google Fit for tracking steps and activities. Plus GoVida's check-in feature promoting work life balance by encouraging users to attend wellbeing venues.
GoVida's the employee wellbeing app has a Mind Suite containing meditations, resilience and mindfulness programs aimed at improving mental health.

Proactive Mental Health

GoVida frames mental health in a positive light by providing users with daily tools and information to support their mental wellbeing.

Our Mind Suite consist of content derived from therapists, coaches, authors and psychologists in areas ranging from mindfulness and meditation to emotional intelligence and resilience as well as sleep and nutrition.

Intro to Emotional Intelligence
Building Resilience – Making Mistakes

Gamification and Reward

GoVida’s gamification applies goal-setting principles enabling users to earn points, compete with colleagues and unlock rewards from their positive wellbeing activities.

The Govida wellness app rewards screen listing employee rewards for health and wellbeing, personal development and excercise classes.
The GoVida the employee wellbeing platform enables organisations to run Team Wellbeing Challenges across their whole business.

Team Challenges

GoVida’s Team Wellbeing Challenges help drive positive wellbeing habits as well as bring your people together. Our challenges incorporate both physical and mental wellbeing activities and serve as a fun and effective way to create a wellbeing culture.

  • Run team challenges across your whole organisation
  • Pick teams and create prizes / charity
  • Analytics on impact

Charitable Giving

Combining charity fundraising initiatives with your wellbeing strategy increases the awareness and impact of both; with wellbeing driving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and your CSR supporting your wellbeing strategy.

  • Support your company foundation/charities
  • Unify your company values
  • Everyone contributes
  • Make a positive impact


raised for charity so far by GoVida users!

Screen showing how businesses can run charity campaigns across their organisation and link their CSR with their wellbeing strategy with GoVida
In app and admin portal screen showing how GoVida provides data on the wellbeing of an organisations workforce

Admin Dashboard

GoVida’s admin portal with wellness analytics dashboard provides you with a light touch view of the aggregated real-time data on the wellbeing of your teams.

  • Capture the team’s mood and energy levels
  • View trends over time by department
  • Build a targeted wellbeing strategy based on real data
  • Promote and measure the impact of your initiatives

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