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How do I sync my Activity Data? (Android and iOS)

First, you must have allowed an activity app permission to sync with GoVida. In order to find out how to sync an activity app, please click on your preferred app below:

Once connected, GoVida will sync this data with the app and you can earn GoVida Points (GoVPs), take part in Challenges and appear on Leaderboards.

On occasions there may be a short time lag between your chosen activity app and GoVida when syncing activity data. If this is the case, please ensure the data in your chosen app is correct then, to get the most updated activity data on your GoVida dashboard and leaderboard:

  • Open the GoVida app.
  • Go to the Home Dashboard screen.
  • Refresh your Home Dashboard by pulling down on the screen until you see the β€œrefresh” symbol fully rotating. (See Image)
  • If your data is still not up to date, please contact
steps screen