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Connect your Strava account to GoVida and earn points from activities tracked through the Strava app.

With your permission your activity data from Strava, such as a run, swim or cycle can be linked to GoVida enabling you to earn points from these activities.

To connect your Strava account to GoVida:

  1. Open Trackers section (in Profile)
  2. Click the link icon adjacent to the Strava icon
  3. Connect GoVida to Strava, by clicking the ‘Authorize’ button (Fig 1)
  4. You may need to log in to your Strava account, if not in active use
  5. Once connected choose Strava to track your physical activities by clicking and highlighting the activity icon (Fig 3)
User permission form to enable GoVida - the employee wellbeing app to connect with Strava

Fig 1

In app pop up in GoVida - the employee wellbeing app once Strava is successfully connected with GoVida

Fig 2

GoVida - the employee wellbeing app screen for configuring your activity where Strava is selected for activity tracking

Fig 3