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GoVida and Google Fit

As an Android user, you can connect your Google Fit account to GoVida in order to earn points from your daily steps. To do this you must have a Google Fit account and the app installed on your device. Click here for guide on how to create a Google Fit account.

To connect your Google Fit account to GoVida, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the “Trackers” section of the GoVida App (you can find it in the “Profile” section in the top right of the screen)
  • Click the link icon adjacent to the Google Fit icon and press “OK
  • Choose the email address you have registered to the Google Fit account on your phone and click “Allow(Fig 2)
  • Once you have those connected, click and highlight the footsteps icon to enable steps tracking through Google Fit (Fig 3)
Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3.