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Connect your Google Fit account to GoVida and earn points from your steps activities. To do this you must have a Google Fit account and the app installed on your device. Click here for guide on How to create a Google Fit account?.

To connect your Google Fit account to GoVida:

  1. Open Trackers section (in Profile)
  2. Click the link icon adjacent to the Google Fit icon
  3. Choose your email address registered to the Google Fit account that you are using on the phone you wish to track your steps through (Fig 1)
  4. Connect Google Fit to your GoVida account and click Allow (Fig 2)
  5. Once connected choose Google Fit to track your steps activity by clicking and highlighting the footsteps icon (Fig 3)
User permission form to enable GoVida - the employee wellbeing app to connect with Google Fit
Fig 1
Google Fit permission form linking GoVida - the employee wellbeing app to Google Fit enabling users to track their steps activity
Fig 2
Steps tracking configuration for Google Fit for GoVida - the employee wellbeing app
Fig 3