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To track your steps through GoVida you can link your Google Fit account to GoVida via How do I link Google Fit to GoVida

If you have an alternative tracker such as: a Mi Band, Samsung watch, etc, these can devices be connected to Google Fit where GoVida pulls the data from these devices through Google Fit.

On occasions when the data from the tracker (MI Band, Samsung watch, etc) has not synced with Google Fit prior to Google Fit syncing with GoVida this data can be missed.

If this occurs follow the below instructions to initiate a fresh sync of your data from Google Fit over the last 24 hrs:

  • Ensure latest band or watch data is synced with Google Fit
  • Open GoVida
  • Click the “i” on Home Screen (Fig 1)
  • Click Sync Now (Fig 2)
  • This will update your steps data and align with your Google Fit record