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Peloton to Health App

In order to connect your Peloton to your GoVida account, we need to connect the Peloton apple app (Google Store Link Here) to your phone’s fitness app.

If you have an Apple device, this will be the Health app and if you have an Android device this will be the Google Fit app.

This should be part of the onboarding process (see fig 1 and 2) but, if not you can sync the two apps in the settings.

Fig 1, 2 and 3

To do this in the settings, open the Peloton app and log in. Next, press the More option in the bottom right corner of the page until you see fig 3. From here you should press the Health App or the Google Fit app (depending on your device) and follow the instructions on screen.

Health App to GoVida

Once you’ve connected Peloton to your phone’s fitness app, you just need to link GoVida to your phone’s fitness app.

To do this, open GoVida and log in. From here, select your profile icon in the top right corner and from the list, select trackers. Then press the chain icon next to Apple Health or Google Fit followed by the adjacent icons until the top row is purple.

If you are using Google Fit, you will need to use a third party app like Strava to track your cycling activities. Click here for a guide on how to link Strava to GoVida.