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  • Go to the Google Play store and download and Install Google Fit app, if it is not already on your phone: How to Install Google Fit
  • Connect Google Fit to your GoVida account
  • Open Huawei Health app and select the “Me” tab at bottom of page (Fig 1)
  • Then select “Settings” (Fig 2)
  • “Data Sharing” and select “Google Fit(Fig 3)
  • Press the “Link” button at the bottom of the screen (Fig 4)
  • Select the Google Fit account that you have connected to GoVida (Fig 5)
  • Allow Huawei Health to access your Google Account – Read permissions and if happy click “Allow” (Fig 6)

How to Sync Steps to GoVida

Once Huawei Health has been successfully linked to Google Fit, sync your Huawei band to the Huawei Health app first to make sure steps are showing correctly there.

Then, open Google Fit to allow steps from Huawei Health to pull into Google Fit. Once steps are showing correctly in Google Fit, open the GoVida app to allow steps from Google Fit to sync to GoVida.

If you need further assistance, please contact

Huawei Health screen - click Me to navigate to Settings
Fig 1
Huawei Health App - Click Data Sharing
Fig 2
Huawei Health App - Click Google Fit to link with Google Fit
Fig 3
Huawei Health App -Permission Screen for Google Fit
Fig 4
Screen from Huawei Health App - Choose the Google Fit account that you are using on your device and have linked to GoVida
Fig 5
Screen showing Huawei Health App - Click Allow if happy to share Google Fit data with Huawei Health
Fig 6