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As you may be aware, Huawei and Google Fit no longer have the compatibility they once had (as per the support form here:

We are exploring the possibility of integrating directly with Huawei Health, but at this time we are unable to provide any timeline for when this would take place.

As a workaround, we do not enable the manual inputting of steps within the GoVida app although there is a workaround for activity tracking whereby you can self-certify your physical activity via the following steps:

  • Check-In
  • Check-In for Physical Activity
  • Select Activity (e.g. cycling, swimming, etc)


  • Check-In
  • Check-In for Mindful Activity
  • Select Activity (e.g. listening to music, jigsaws, etc)


  • Click Check-In
  • Check Out (Timer value must be greater than 30 minutes to earn points)

We hope this helps and are very sorry for the inconvenience incurred.

If you need any further assistance, please contact