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How to Check-In and Check-Out

To Check-In and Check-Out at a venue requires the following criteria:

  • Your device must have an internet connection either through wifi or mobile data
  • You need to physically be at the venue
  • Spend at least of 30 minutes at the venue before you press “Check-Out” to earn the 10 GoVPs (there will be a timer displayed within the app)
  • You must also be at the venue when you press “Check-Out

There may be larger venues where the GPS range defined for the venue does not cover all parts of the venue so try Check-In at different areas of the venue if it doesn’t work first time. Remember where you checked in for when it is time to Check-Out.

You can only earn points for 1 Check-In per day (10 GoVPs) and a maximum of 5 Check-Ins per week (50 GoVPs). You can still perform Check-Ins once this has been achieved for the day or week but you will not receive further GoVida points.

If a venue you use is not verified yet by GoVida, click the link here to find out how to submit a Venue Verification Request through the app.