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The rewards section in the app has 2 tabs:

  • All Rewards
  • My Rewards

All Rewards

All Rewards show all the rewards that are available to you as a user of GoVida. Some of the rewards will be delivered by your organisation and others are from GoVida’s Reward Partners.

To redeem a reward you must have enough GoVPs to cover the price of that reward. If you have enough GoVPs and you would like to claim a reward – press the Redeem button.

You will be asked a second time to confirm this request and if you press yes, the equivalent amount of GoVPs will be taken from your account.

My Rewards

Following the redemption of a reward, you will see that it has moved to be in your My Rewards section.

For employer rewards that require authorisation, the reward will be listed as “pending” until your account admin has authorised your request.

Once authorised you will receive a notification and an email, the reward will also be marked as delivered in the app. GoVida powered rewards will deliver the reward via email to your work email address immediately and be marked as delivered in the app.