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GoVida Points

GoVida Points (GoVPs) can be earned in many ways, we have outlined them below:

Daily Tracked StepsGoVida points (GoVPs)
5,000-6,999 steps/day5
7,000-9,999 steps/day7
10,000-12,999 steps/day10
Activity Tracking & Daily Check-InsGoVida points (GoVPs)
Check-In at GoVida Verified Venue*10
Track an Activity eg Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc**10
Check-In for Physical or Mind Activity at Home***10

(*User must stay at venue for a minimum of 30 minutes before completing a Check-Out whilst still at the location)
(**The recorded duration of the activity must be a minimum of 10 minutes)
(***The recorded duration of the Physical or Mind Check-In must be a minimum of 30 minutes)

GoVida+GoVida points (GoVPs)
Listen or watch 5 minutes of GoVida+ content /day 1
Listen or watch 15 minutes of GoVida+ content /day 3
Listen or watch 30 minutes of GoVida+ content /day 6
Complete in full a GoVida+ Audio / Video everyday of the week (Weekly Tracker)10
Complete Accredited Diploma in Mindfulness25

GoVPs Caps

As good as GoVida points are, they do have caps outlined below.

Weekly Cap

GoVPs from steps activity are capped at 70 GoVPs per week.

Check-In and Activity Tracker Cap

Points from Check-Ins at GoVida Verified Venues, manual physical activity check-ins and manual mindful check-ins plus activity tracked sessions are capped at 10 GoVPs per day (1 Check-In) and 50 GoVPs per week. (5 Check-Ins per week)

Daily Steps Cap

Points from Daily Steps activity are capped at 15 GoVPs when 13,000 or more steps have been completed.

GoVida+ Points Cap

Points for GoVida+ are capped at 6 GoVPs per day

Want to know how you can earn even more GoVPs? Click the link here to find out.