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How it works


Earn Points

For your wellbeing activities



Redeem these points for Rewards and support Charities



Take part in Challenges & compete with colleagues



Boost your wellbeing, earn Rewards and raise money for Charity

GoVida points are earned from the following

Daily Tracked Steps ValueGoVida points (GoVPs)
5,000-6,999 steps/day5
7,000-9,999 steps/day7
10,000-12,999 steps/day10
Activity Tracking & Daily Check-InGoVida points (GoVPs)
Check-In at GoVida Verified Venue*10
Track an Activity eg Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc**10
Check-In for Physical or Mind Activity at Home***10

(*User must stay at venue for a minimum of 30 minutes before completing a Check-Out whilst still at the location)
(**The recorded duration of the activity must be a minimum of 10 minutes)
(***The recorded duration of the Physical or Mind Check-In must be a minimum of 30 minutes)

MindGoVida points (GoVPs)
Listen to a Mind audio in Full3
Listen to a Mind audio everyday of the week10
Complete Accredited Diploma in Mindfulness100

Points Cap

*Total Points capped for Activity Tracking & Check-Ins at 10 GoVPs per day
*Points capped for Activity Tracking & Check-Ins at 30 GoVPs per week
*Steps activity points earnings are capped at 70 GoVPs per week
*Points capped for Mind audios at 6 GoVPs per day (2 Mind audios)