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There are 3 categories of GoVPs:

Activity GoVPs

Activity GoVPs are earned from your daily wellbeing activities and can be earned from:


Earn GoVPs from your daily steps output tracked automatically through your smartphone or wearable. You must allow GoVida permission to access this data to earn GoVPs and this can be configured in the app Settings.

Daily Tracked Steps ValueNumber of GoVida Points (GoVPs)
5,000-6,999 steps5
7,000-9,999 steps7
10,000-12,999 steps10
13,000+ steps15
Check-In at GoVida Verified Venue10
Check-In for Physical or Mind Activity at Home10
Track an Activity eg Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc10
Daily Insight Response1

Check-Ins at GoVida Verified Venues

Earn GoVPs through the “Check-In” functionality of our smart phone app at a GoVida Verified Venue. You must be present at the venue for a minimum of 30 minutes for it to be deemed as a valid “Check-In”.

The GoVida app validates your attendance through GPS and Location Settings must be enabled for this to occur. This can be configured in the app Settings

Challenge GoVPs

Challenge GoVPs can be earned by successfully completing Challenges within the app. The GoVP value for each Challenge is displayed within the Challenge details in the Challenge Section of the app. (See What are the GoVP value of the Challenges?)

GoVida+ GoVPs

GoVida+Number of GoVida Points (GoVPs)
Listen or watch 5 minutes of GoVida+ content /day 1
Listen or watch 15 minutes of GoVida+ content /day3
Listen or watch 30 minutes of GoVida+ content /day6
Complete a full GoVida+ audio / video everyday of the week (Weekly Tracker)10
Complete Accredited Diploma in Mindfulness25

Bonus GoVPs

Bonus GoVPs can be earned through the app. These can be earned for varying reasons such as “accepting” a first Challenge and redeeming your first Reward.(See How do I earn Bonus Points?)