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Health Connect is a new application from Google that allows syncing with Samsung Health and Samsung watches. To connect your Samsung Health app to Health Connect follow instructions via the link below:

How to connect Samsung Health to Health Connect?

Below are instructions on how to connect GoVida to Health Connect:

As an Android user, you can connect use Health Connect to sync your steps and activity data with GoVida.

If you are using an Android device with OS version 13 and below follow these instructions:

  • Open GoVida app and on tracker page click the link button next to Health Connect
  • Click Allow All and Allow (Fig 1)
  • On returning to Track your Activities screen highlight the footsteps icon purple / pink to choose Health Connect to track your steps (Fig 1)

If you are using an Android device with OS 14 or higher, Health Connect is already part of the Android framework and follow flow in (Fig 1)

Flow for connecting Health Connect to GoVida
Fig 1

Note: The Health Connect SDK supports Android 8 (API level 26) or higher, while the Health Connect app is only compatible with Android 9 (API level 28) or higher. This means that third-party apps can support users with Android 8, but only users with Android 9 or higher can use Health Connect.