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Garmin and GoVida

If you own a Garmin, you can connect your Garmin account to GoVida to earn points from your steps and activities. To do this, you must own a Garmin device and have the Garmin and GoVida apps downloaded on your device.

In order to connect your Garmin account to GoVida, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the “Trackers” section of the GoVida App (you can find it in the “Profile” section in the top right of the screen)
  • Click the link icon adjacent to the Garmin icon and allow GoVida connect to Garmin by signing into your account with your email and password (Fig 1)
  • Toggle both the Activity and Daily Health Stats buttons to Green, to GoVida allow access to required data, then click on the Save button (Fig 2)
  • Allow Garmin Connect to share data with GoVida by clicking on the ‘Agree’ button, once done Garmin is connected successfully (Fig 3)
  • To track your steps and activities, click and highlight the footstep and activity icons.
Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3.

Suggested Configuration for Garmin

We recommend the below suggested configuration for Garmin users where only Garmin is used for tracking steps. GoVida does have a built in steps aggregator enabling multiple devices to be used to track steps at the same time. However, for Garmin we recommend just using Garmin for greater accuracy.

To sync your Garmin steps data to GoVida – open your Garmin Connect app and sync the data from your wearable to your Garmin account. Next, open GoVida and refresh your data there.

GoVida - the employee wellbeing app screen with suggested configuration for users wanting to use their Garmin Connect to track their steps and activities
Fig 4