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The Brief

Our strong and popular culture is driven by our Mastering High Performance training and forms a crucial part of our onboarding. Although we champion a work life blend, we have noticed some habits creeping in that don’t align. One being some people staying at their desks, either in the office or at home, across lunchtimes and other breaks. We need to do what we can to stop this and remind people that taking breaks is as much an important use of their time as delivering their work. So, we approached GoVida to see how they could help.

What we did

We centred the Meritas’ solution around the ‘mind’ section content of GoVida, which aligns well to their Mastering High Performance training. We:

  • Set up a lunchtime team challenge
  • In which, people had to complete several activities away from their desks
  • This included everything from reading a book to talking a walk – as well as eating lunch outside in the sun

The outcomes

The initiative was well-received and saw strong participation:

  • 79% of colleagues downloaded the app
  • 64% of colleagues took part in the lunchtime team challenge
  • 64% of colleagues reported an increase in their overall wellbeing

The GoVida difference

GoVida acted as partners throughout the set up, deployment and analysis:

  • Offering complete flexibility in the development phase
  • Being competitively priced
  • Always accessible for questions, feedback

“We chose GoVida as it aligned so well with our Mastering High Performance training and we’ve been really pleased with the process and the results. There were a few things we would have done differently but we all learned from the process and plan to use this knowledge in our next challenge. The main thing is, people are continuing to get out from their desk and getting outside for a walk or a quick lunch so, thank you GoVida!”

Verified Reviewer
Raylene Leavitt, HR Manager at Meritas

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