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The Brief

LCC International University is a North American style University in Lithuania with students coming from more than 50 countries. We believe that learning happens inside and outside the classrooms. Our particular focus is on building a relational caring community and an emphasis on holistic wellbeing.

What we did

When pandemic hit in March 2020 our community became scattered. Some students stayed here; others went home. We sensed a lot of fear, uncertainty, loneliness. Isolation, social distancing, remote work and classes, lockdowns have affected the mental and physical health of our students and we sensed a lot of fear, uncertainty, and loneliness. We developed a wellness project together with GoVida that was aimed at engaging students in a virtual community regardless of their location with the goal of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

The outcomes

The initiative was well-received and saw strong participation. While at first students were motivated by rewards many adopted many healthy habits that improved their wellbeing. Out of respondents

  • 90% reported an increase in physical activity
  • 44% started using meditation app daily  
  • 44% notices reduction in stress levels
  • 22% lost weight

The GoVida difference

GoVida acted as partners throughout the setup, deployment and analysis:

  • Easy uploading of users into the app
  • Great price for the product
  • Flexible in personalizing features
  • Continuous support and prompt feedback   

“One of the main reasons that I participated is because I felt motivated to get enough points for rewards. Me and my sister wanted to get lcc swag to my family and for example, I managed to get a thermos for my older sister. It was nice that my efforts paid off and my physical activity improved. I developed new habits like assigned times of the day where I would walk outside with a friend or alone. Also, due to this challenge, I started to be more aware of my daily steps ensuring that I had enough movement even though I have a busy day. I even got a watch that marks my steps after that challenge. It was a great experience!”

Verified Reviewer
Katherine Handal (Honduras)

“When I left Lithuania and arrived home, I felt very isolated and when the Student Life office offered to join GoVida I signed up because I wanted to participate in something with other students. It was fun to see the leaderboard, very motivating. The app was easy to use, and I also discovered it had meditations. I first started listening to them to get points, but later it became a regular practice, and I even got a Mindfulness certificate. I never had an app for steps tracking but now I regularly check how active I have been during the day. If another challenge is organized, I would recommend my friends to sign up. “

Verified Reviewer
Dimitri Prichoryn (Ukraine)

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