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Workplace wellbeing insights


Employees say:
“Wellness isn’t taken
seriously enough”


Estimated cost to the global economy each year from burnout


of the global
workforce is disengaged


of UK adults do not exercise enough

Our Solution

The GoVida workplace wellbeing app enables businesses to transform the wellbeing of their employees and create engaged high-performing teams within a people-centric wellness culture.

Our employee wellbeing platform is based around:


“Prevention is better than cure”. GoVida promotes and creates the right behaviours so that they become habitual.


Wellbeing is derived from multiple pillars from physical to mental and social all of which are embedded within a single solution.


The term “mental health” may have negative connotations. GoVida brands wellbeing in a positive, exciting, aspirational way and as a result we achieve market-leading levels of adoption and engagement


The power of setting realistic and achievable goals is well understood. GoVida applies goal-setting principles using gamification to drive adoption and engagement and improve outcomes.

Team Building

Use GoVida to keep your colleagues connected, engaged and well. Create stronger teams, break hierarchical chains and build camaraderie.


GoVida enables organisations to combine charity fundraising initiatives with their wellbeing strategies. This increases the awareness and impact of both with wellbeing driving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and CSR supporting wellbeing.

Lead from the top

For any strategy to work, the genuine buy-in must be there from the top. Wellbeing is no different and, GoVida powerfully ingrains wellbeing into a company’s values and culture.

Companies that do not invest in employee wellbeing face:

  • Consistently lower employee engagement
  • Absenteeism and consequential business disruption
  • Presenteeism with the associated reduction in productivity
  • Higher employee churn

Download our Employee Wellbeing Strategy Guide

39% of UK adults (20 million people) do not undertake the required weekly amount of physical activity recommended by the government for health.