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Check that GoVida is connected to Google Fit

Once GoVida is connected to Google Fit (See above Link) –  connect Samsung Health (ensure you have Samsung Health on Device) to Google Fit:

To sync your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to Google Fit you can use an app called Health Sync. Which allows you to use Samsung Health for your Samsung smart watch fitness tracking and then sync all your data over to Google Fit. Below are instructions on how to do this and from here GoVida will access your steps data via Google Fit.

  • Download Health Sync here: Download Health Sync 
  • Open the Health Sync app and press “OK” to “First Usage Actions” and “Sync Direction”
  • Select “Samsung Health” as the base sync source (Fig 1)
  • Then, select “Google Fit” as the sync destination, and tap “OK” (Fig 2)
  • On the “Initialization Actions” screen, tap “Check Google Fit Connection”
  • On the Google login screen – select the email account you use with Google Fit
  • Press “Activity Information Permission” to give Health Sync access to your activity
  • Tap “Allow” on the permission popup
  • Next, you have to alter a few settings in Google Fit, so it won’t interfere with the fitness syncing. Tap “Check Activity Tracking in Google Fit”
  • A message will appear, instructing you to disable “Track Your Activities” in Google Fit. Tap “OK” to open the Google Fit app
  • The Google Fit app will launch. Tap “Profile” in the bottom toolbar 
  • Press the Gear icon at the top right to open “Settings” (Fig 3)
  • Scroll down and make sure “Track Your Activities” is disabled. This will ensure Google Fit won’t interfere with Samsung Health’s tracking (Fig 4)
  • Leave the Google Fit app and open the Health Sync app once again. Tap “OK” in the “Initialization Finished” popup
  • Next, select the fitness data you want to sync between the services. Some of these will require additional permissions (Fig 5)
  • Lastly, you can go to “Settings” to adjust things like sync frequency and battery optimization. To do so, just tap the Three-dot icon at the top right (Fig 6)
  • Then, press “Settings”
  • All done!
Health Sync selection screen enabling Samsung Watch data to ne synced to Google Fit via Health sync
Fig 1
Health Sync screen for choosing Samsung Health to sync with Google Fit
Fig 2
Google Fit Profile Image for accessing Settings to turn track activities off
Fig 3
Google Fit screen shot for tracking activities off
Fig 4
Health Sync Permissions Screen for enabling data to be shared from Samsung Health to Google Fit
Fig 5
Health Sync Settings Screen
Fig 6